gm - August 5th, 2023

gm 👋 As the weekend begins in Asia, volumes didn't quite reach the $15M mark across the major chains. EVM had $12M in turnover, while Solana had $1.2M and Mythos creeps up with $1M. DMarket is the contributor for Mythos Chain, an NFT marketplace for metaverses, and also seemingly handles CS:GO, Rust, and DOTA2 skins. BAYC was at $1.2M in trades across 24 transactions, while sports degens bet $400k on Sorare. With ApeFest tickets already sold out, Twitter is abuzz as even Blur bidooors couldn't secure a ticket and are placed on waitlists.

Traitsniper, a name which died back in October of 2022, has been resurrected after hackers took over their server and Twitter handle. The infamous dev k1ra has deployed a shitcoin called $TS, which should be avoided until the contracts have been scrubbed. In other happenings, NFT loan platform JPEG'd managed to recover 90% of the $10M siphoned out by a clever exploitooor in their pETH/ETH pool on Curve. Lastly, PAULY, who was sued by Yuga Labs for creating a BAYC knockoff called rrBAYC, has pushed another shitcoin called $PNDC, which is trending on DEXTools.