gm - August 3rd, 2022

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Traditional markets looked relaxed, which is also allowing crypto markets to take a chill pill despite the Solana drama (again). BTC is up 1% to $23,275 on $40B of volumes. ETH rebounded and recouped all the losses from yesterday to back at $1650 on $19B of turnover. NFT/Metaverse names are strong, with $APE leading the way back to now $7.35, up 10% on the day. $MANA is +3%, $SAND +2% and $AXS +2.5%.

NFT volumes were $16M on the day, barely changed from yesterday. EVM-based NFTs were a light $12M, while Solana remained suspiciously at $1.7M even with the siphoning of SOL from seemingly random wallets. Many suspect the hack happened from nefarious NFTs airdropped into innocent users’ wallets, and unknowingly had a zero-day attack nestled neatly inside. OpenSea had a much lower turnover of $9M today, while LooksRare struggled to get $0.5M. Sorare leads the boards again with a $1.5M turnover as the Premier League starts soon, followed by La Liga and Bundesliga starting in September.

Blue-Chip NFTs on the day

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NFT headlines for today!

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