gm - August 2nd, 2022

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Crypto markets trade softer on the day after everyone wakes up to another bridge hack, this time Nomad Bridge had $200M in crypto assets drained from its pools. BTCUSD is a touch lower -1% to $22,800 on $35B volumes, much lower than the average from last week. ETHUSD is -4.2% to $1577 on $18B, in-line with volumes last week. NFT/Metaverse names are also lower on the day, outside of $APE, which is flat at $6.70. $SAND, $MANA, $AXS, $LOOKS all down 4–5%.

Overall NFT volumes on the day were $17M, with EVM-based turnover at $12.7M, while Solana-based turnover at $1.8M. OpenSea volumes were up to $14M, with LooksRare actual volumes sitting at $0.4M. Art Blocks had a $1M day and CryptoPunks had some carry-over volumes from yesterday of $0.5M.

Blue-Chip NFTs on the day

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Headlines for NFTs today!

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