gm - August 28th, 2023

gm 👋 The trading volume for NFTs remains low. Ethereum has a volume of $5M, Solana has $1M, and Mythos has $800k. DMarket is the most popular collection on Mythos, with a volume of $800k. Sorare comes in second with $550k, and Gods Unchained has a volume of $430k. On the day, the highest-priced sale was a CryptoPunk that sold for $90k. This was followed by a $61k BAYC and a few Nouns that sold for between $54-56k. The Nouns Dao is potentially going to return close to $50M in treasury funds collected from sales of freshly minted Nouns NFTs since inception back to users. Yuga had an event for MAYC holders in Miami, which had photos and videos circulate throughout Crypto Twitter - influencers were quick to throw shade with the word 'incels'. According to CoinGecko, Pudgy Penguins is +35% over the past year, while the rest of the Blue Chips are down -22% ~ 90% with Moonbirds having the worst performance.

Past year performance of major NFT projects