gm - August 26th, 2023

gm 👋 Liquidity slowed as the weekend started, with about $12M going through across the top 10 chains for NFTs. Ethereum saw a low $7M in turnover, followed by Solana at $1M and Mythos at $800k. BAYC saw $1.2M across 29 trades, as DMarket drove all of Mythos's volume of $800k. Cross The Ages makes an appearance with $600k, being 100% of ImmutableX volumes on the day. All top five NFT trades were CryptoPunks, ranging from $75k to $125k.

Friend Tech has graduated to becoming the stomping ground for grifting OnlyFans models, replacing crypto bros as the top keys being traded. There are now games being developed on top of as well - Crypto Twitter continues to pump this platform in anticipation of a token drop in ~6mths. Doodles has revealed their new Crocs design, available for $120 (normal Crocs go for ~$40). Pudgy Penguin has also revealed a new toy, limited to 300 and priced at $199.

Doodles reveals their new Crocs design, costing $120
This 300 limited edition toy will sell for $199 each