gm - August 25th, 2023

gm 👋 Ethereum NFT volumes were $9.1M, while Solana came in at $2.2M and Polygon at $1.2M. BAYC led in collections again today, trading $1.7M in total. Meegos, a new collection on Solana, came in second with $1.2M in turnover for 8435 trades. DeGods has an impressive $840k, and DMarket is just shy of $800k. The top NFT to trade was a BAYC going for $143k, followed by a $116k CryptoPunk and $114k Azuki.

$PEPE devs pulled a rug by leaving the project and selling $15M in tokens, leaving the token down 18% on the day - additionally, the multisig was changed from 5/8 to only 2/8 required. As a result, other meme tokens fall with $BITCOIN and $PNDC falling 18~25%. Almost as if funds from meme tokens flowed into NFTs, the large caps were all up 5~10%, led by DeGods +15%, Azuki +13%, Pudgy penguins +8%, and BAYC/MAYC up 6%.

Devs abandon PEPE, selling $15M of tokens in the process