gm - August 24th, 2023

gm 👋 Volumes across the top chains were around $13M on the day, with Ethereum at $8.5M, Solana at $1.1M, and Polygon at $1M. BAYC is on top again with $1.6M in trades, followed by DMarket with $800k and MAYC at $550k. The top three sales on the day were all CryptoPunks, ranging from $90k to $120k. MAYC made it to the top with an $80k sale and a BAKC going for the same!

NVidia crushed it in their latest earnings call, smashing guidance for Q3 revenue by $3B over analyst estimates - NVidia says they'll see $16B this quarter. The stock is up +8% after-hours and is now a $1.2T market cap, more significant than the entire crypto market capitalization of $1.1T. Logan Paul hasn't paid his promised refund back to investors in CryptoZoo of $1M+. DeFi TVL is $37.5B, the lowest it's been since early 2021 and a far drop from the peak of ~$180B. Lastly, BAYC has recovered back to above 23 ETH in floor price.

DeFi TVL has dropped throughout 2023 to under $38B