gm - August 24th, 2022

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Crypto markets were quiet on a macro level once again, with Bitcoin barely moving and stuck at $21.4k on $27B of volumes. Ethereum is up a touch to $1650 on lighter volumes of $15B. More news from regulatooors with OSC (Ontario Securities Commission) flagging Kucoin and other crypto firms as unregistered, and ASIC (Australia Securities and Investment Commission) chair making comments they are eyeing regulation.

NFT volumes were much softer on the day, down to $15M in total with EVM-based NFTs trading $12M and Solana-based NFTs with $1.1M turnover. BAYC tops the charts with $1.4M as the collection gets added into the Sandbox, along with Moonbirds. Sorare sits at $850k and the rest don’t stand out as much.

Snapshot of Blue-Chip NFTs

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NFT headlines:

Bored Apes and Moonbirds to get playable avatars in new Sandbox season

Distributed Finance acquires Algorand NFT marketplace Rand Gallery

You can rent a utility NFT from decentralised NFT leasing platforms like @DoubleProtocol

GameFi is set to become the next Hot Space in Crypto

NFT copyright is still a total mess, says report

Iconic brands including Nike, Gucci have made $260M off NFT sales

Metaverse, NFT Tokens Have Plummeted More Than 20% This Week

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