gm - August 23rd, 2023

gm 👋 Volumes revert to the mean, as Ethereum has $8.5M, Solana and Polygon each have $1M. BAYC is the top collection on the day with $1.5M in trades, while DMarket is in second again with $800k and Cross the Ages comes next with $550k. Cross the Ages is a collection on ImmutableX, and was 100% of the volume on the chain for the day. CryptoPunks were the top sales, with the top four of five going for $80-99k. An Otherdeed Expanded went for a whopping $75k, and the top BAYC was $56k.

Binance has partnered with The Weekend to issue NFTs to fans going to the "After Hours Til Dawn" global tour - 30k fans have signed up and more than 15k souvenirs have been distributed to users worldwide. NFTstats has reported nearly 80% of most major collections haven't traded in 2023, meaning most are just holding while floor price drops so far this year. 91% of Punks have not been traded, while on the other extreme, only 54% of Miladies have been held.

Roughly 75% of a collection have been held by NFT hodlers