gm - August 22nd, 2023

gm 👋 Volumes pick up a touch today, as Ethereum prints $10.3M, Solana $1.4M, and Polygon $1M. The top collection is BAYC as the floor price recovers to 24 ETH, with $3.5M trading across. DMarket comes in a distant second with $680k in volume, followed by MAYC with $620k. For individual NFT sales, a BAYC took the top slot with a $165k sale, and CryptoPunks rounded out the top five with sales between $80-100k.

NFT platform Recur recently shut down, rugging holders of Nickelodeon NFTs and other well-known IPs. Additionally, Mark Cuban, Dapper Labs, and Coinbase-backed Nifty's recently shutdown as well after having raised $10M back in July of 2021 - they released collections such as Space Jam, The Matrix, and most infamously Game of Thrones. NFT influencer 'tmas' on Twitter sold his BAYC at 27 ETH, roughly 5 ETH above the floor overnight.

Nifty's gave us gems such as the Game of Thrones NFT collection