gm - August 21st, 2023

gm 👋 Today's total actual volumes on Ethereum NFTs were $8.5M, followed by $1.5M in Solana and $1.2M in Polygon. The top collection is BAYC with $1.4M in trades, with DMarkets in second with $850k and DraftKings with $770k - gambling still dominates the top five collections daily. DeGods and MAYC each had $500k on the day. The top NFT traded was a Fidenza at $78k, with the rest filled up by BAYCs being floored at anywhere from $40-59k.

Blur's TVL has dropped to $90M, down from $150M+ just a month ago. This is possibly due to a combination of NFT traders bleeding out as floor prices crash, coupled with disinterest in farming for $BLUR. continues to dominate the news cycle on Crypto Twitter, as more influencers join amid the frenzy - it's worth noting there are lots of MEV bots already sniping shares, and the design of the price curve set back gives an advantage to those who manipulate their share price through strategic purchases.

Blur TVL is dropping as NFT floor prices crash