gm - August 20th, 2023

gm 👋 Ethereum NFTs were $8.9M today, followed by Solana with $1M, Mythos at $920k, and Polygon at $820k. BAYC took the top slot with $1.5M in liquidity on the day, as MAYC had $730k. DMarket had nearly $1M, while God Unchained saw $600k and DeGods at $500k. One trippy BAYC went for $255k, marking a loss of $780k for the seller. Three more BAYC rounded out the top five with prices of $50-60k. A CyptoPunk also went through at $80k.

NFT Twitter is still digesting the move from OpenSea yesterday on killing royalties. Bids on Blur are starting to disappear, as three of the largest farmers take a back seat with $BLUR dropping. In the meantime, is taking the attention of Crypto Twitter, with a lifetime volume of $34M already and making it to the top three of all dapps generating revenue on the day - beating out Uniswap, BSC, etc. Lastly, Ordinals' volumes have round-tripped and are down 97% from the peak.

Bitcoin NFTs haven't kept up with the initial hype