gm - August 1st, 2022

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TradFi opens softer on some rocky news around Pelosi planning to travel and land in Taiwan this week. Crypto markets are little changed, both BTC and ETH down a touch ~2%. BTCUSD at $23,370 on $43B of volumes, lower than last week for sure — perhaps many are off on vacation already. ETHUSD sits at $1675 on $15B of volumes. NFT/Metaverse names are up for the most part, $APE is +4% to $7, while $MANA +2% to $1. $LOOKS hangs at 38 cents, seemingly magnetized around the 40-cent mark.

EVM-based NFT volumes print $13.5M on the day, with Solana-based NFTs at $1.6M. Overall NFT volumes are relaxed again at around $16M, led by CryptoPunks of $2.2M in turnover after Tiffany & Co. announced they’ll make 250 special edition CryptoPunk pendants, open only to owners of CryptoPunks (sort of makes the run up these past few weeks make sense…). Sorare still kicking butt, with $1M in volumes on the day, continuing its rank within the top 5 on a daily basis. OpenSea volumes are $12.6M on the day, a healthy number consider to lower liquidity recently.

As for Blue-Chips, BAYC has $1.4M in volumes as floor price sits comfortably at 85 ETH. Mutant Apes were half of what they were yesterday in terms of volumes with only $0.5M going through, and floor price is back towards 16 to 16.34 ETH. Overall wider dispersion of volumes on the day, easier to display vs. words:

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