gm - August 17th, 2023

gm 👋 Across the major chains, there was roughly $15M in NFT volumes in the past 24 hours. Ethereum seems to be stuck at $9M every day, with DeGods continuing to lead in liquidity across all collections at $1.6M in trades. BAYC and MAYC combined have $1M, and Sorare printed $600k. Solana had $2M, lead by The Heist: Orangutans exploding with $800k in volume. Polygon had an intense day of $1.4M driven by DraftKings with $700k and y00ts with $200k. Of course, DMarket is up there again with $800k, putting Mythos on the map.

DeGods co-founder has quit, claiming it has nothing to do with the recent turmoil - the community is brutal, however, saying "F*ck it, we bail". Machi's bidding on DeGods didn't stop overnight, with his inventory reaching 400+ NFTs - this prompted a few whales in the community to volunteer to buy 200+ from him, but they haven't sent any real bids. The back and forth did manage to push DeGods back to 4.4 ETH floor. As ETH broke $1800 and now trades $1770, it is pulling down NFT alts with it, as $APE trades $1.78 and $SAND hits 1yr lows of 35 pennies.

ApeCoin chart over the past two weeks