gm - August 16th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes were under $16M across the top 10 chains today, with Ethereum leading at $9.2M. DeGods, BAYC, and MAYC were a combined $2.5M. Solana had $1.7M, with Kanpai Pandas leading at $400k. Polygon had $1.6M thanks to DraftKings' $800k in bets. DMarket had $1M in turnover on the day, putting Mythos in fourth with the same volume. The top NFT sale on the day is an Autoglyph at $285k, followed by a $100k CryptoPunk and a trio of BAYCs that cost between $60-70k.

FarmVille creator and studio Zynga has shared their newest Web 3 game called Sugartown, launching later this year under their ZW3 brand. Zynga has announced an NFT collection of 10,000 Ora to access the game. Overnight, Machibigbrother collected more DeGods, for a total of 300+ now - floor price is now near 4 ETH, with Blur bids at 4.16 ETH. DeGods founder Frank has reached out to Machi to start a conversation, but it hasn't led to any easing of community worries. Blur loans on DeGods are increasingly becoming at risk of liquidation which may further dampen spirits.

ZW3, which is Zynga's new Web3 gaming studio, revealed Sugartown today