gm - August 15th, 2022

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Happy merge 🐼🎉 Ethereum successfully merged today and has now fully transitioned to PoS away from PoW. Environmentalists can rest easy tonight, knowing 0.2% of the global energy consumption is no longer necessary to run the network. ETH is softer -1% to $1586 on $23B of volumes. Bitcoin is just following, down -1.5% to $20k on $37B of turnover. PoW ETH (ETHW) is rolling out soon, and had a small rally earlier up to $60–70 area, but hovers around $30 now. There are now no more catalysts in crypto, so what will we talk about now?!

NFT volumes were relaxed at $15M, EVM-NFTs at $9M and Solana-NFTs were $3.3M. CryptoPunks is back on top with $1.2M in turnover, BAYC at $1.1M, and Otherdeeds at $1.0M volumes. ImmutableX creeps up with $1M turnover driven by Gods Unchained Immutable collection.

Snapshot for Blue-Chip NFTs

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NFT Headlines:

‘Proof of Merge’ NFTs Will Transform in Your Wallet as the Ethereum Merge Happens

Magic Eden defends launch of NFT royalty enforcement tool

$70M Art Collection at MoMA To Be Sold, Proceeds Could Fund NFT Buys

GameStop adding NFT trading cards to loyalty program perks as it deepens push into digital world

Ethereum community wastes no time minting PoS NFTs right after the Merge

Blue-Chip NFT Holders Are Now Eligible for an IRL Rewards Program

New York’s Museum of Modern Art Considers Buying NFTs With Proceeds of $70M Auction: Report


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