gm - August 14th, 2023

gm 👋 Volumes across the top chains are below $15M in the past 24 hours. EVM has another $9M day, led by DeGods with $1M and BAYC + MAYC adding another $1.2M in trading. Solana comes in second, with $1.2M but no standout collections today. Polygon has $1M driven by DraftKings' $400k in volume. Gods Unchained is the top collection on the day with $1M in turnover, putting ImmutableX on the map with the equivalent volume. The top three NFTs traded in terms of value are all CryptoPunks, going from $88k-$110k each.

DeGods revealed the art 'downgrade' overnight, which is overall a flattening of the artwork to help make it more simple and recognizable as a profile picture. NFT Twitter took it well, though the reaction wasn't reflected in prices as DeGods floor is still at 6.25 ETH, finding it difficult to recover to the 9 ETH just 72 hours prior. Beeple made a commemorable based on the sample pallet Frank added in the 'downgrade' release paper.

Beeples artwork on DeGods Season III reveal