gm - August 13th, 2023

gm 👋 As the weekend ends in Asia, volumes over the past 24 hours are just above $15M across the major chains. EVM has $9M again, with BAYC, MAYC, Saints, and Sorare grabbing $2.5M of liquidity. Solana had $1.3M, thanks to Tensorians posting a $350k turnover. Mythos has $1M, all coming from DMarket. Polygon also had a $1M volume day, led by DraftKings - gambling marketplaces keeping these tier 2-3 chains alive in the NFT space.

DeGods 'downgrade' art reveal is coming out today (US time). A founder of AKCB (A Kid Called Beast) has left the project in pursuit of AI and emerging tech opportunities - this comes immediately after a 'hack' and receiving $50k from the community, and a series of convenient hiccups during the mint. Hanwe, the trader who successfully spoofed the Blur bid bot for 800 ETH recently, sits atop the Blur points leaderboard with a skull mark. Usually, this mark is reserved for accounts with spoofed loan offers.

Collage put together by Hashbastards