gm - August 12th, 2023

gm 👋 NFT volumes are softer to start the weekend, with $16M trading across the top chains. EVM sees $9M, as Solana comes next with $1.3M and Polygon with $1.2M. BNB Chain makes a rare appearance with $900k, driven by PLAYNFT, a multichain marketplace for content creators to easily spawn NFTs. Mythos is at $800k thanks to DMarket once again. DeGods is the top collection on the day with $1M in turnover, at 81 sellers vs. 65 buyers. BAYC and MAYC have a combined $1M in trading interest, with little movement to either floor price. Gods Unchained prints $650k, being nearly 100% of the Mythos volume.

Jack Butcher has issued a new collection, Opepengs; a combination of Opepen and Pudgy Penguins. The collection is available on, under collection '011'. Link here.

Crypto Twitter is a chatter about BASE, Coinbase's new entrance to an EVM L2 layer. They are calling it 'on-chain summer', with users claiming the L2 kick-started with a bang of nearly $200M in volumes in the first 24 hours. Many are skeptical, pointing to lots of bots/volumes which look faked, and half-baked dapps launching, but it's too early to judge. One project is a Twitter copypasta, called, which has captured the interest of influencers as it allows users to purchase 'shares' of influencer accounts. The idea is to trade influencer shares based on their monthly reach and activity - however most shares are already down 50%+, and users report not being able to use the dapp.

Jack Butcher's new release in the Opepen collection