gm - August 11th, 2023

gm 👋 Across the top 10 chains, NFTs volumes were just under $20M overall. EVM led strong with $12.5M in volumes, as DeGods prints $2.5M after the reveal of Season III, and Saints has a debut with $1M in turnover. Polygon has $2.5M in volume, driven by DMarket once again. Solana and Mythos each have close to $1M each. MAYC had more turnover compared to BAYC, a first in a while - they stand at $600k and $400k respectively in trades. Some big trades in the past 24 hours, with a CloneX going for $360k and a Meebits going out for $175k. A Fidenza went for $120k and CryptoPunks were in the rest of the pack with prices around the $100k mark.

NFT Twitter is just taking dunks on DeGods after a lackluster reveal of new art, which ended up being previews and not a proper release despite holders waiting a long six months. The move for y00ts to Ethereum from Polygon also had lots of criticism, making the team look like they don't do much planning or strategizing before making decisions. Lastly, the points system around $DUST wasn't taken well, as most saw through the structure as a lottery system. As a result, a recently bullish holder dumped 100 DeGods into Blur/Blend bids and dumped $DUST into a very illiquid pool to cause an instant 25% drop in token price. DeGods top bid on Blur sits at 6.78 ETH, though the bulk of bid volumes start around 6.61 ETH - they were trading close to 9.2 ETH 24 hours prior.

Today's NFT comic strip making the rounds