gm - August 10th, 2023

gm 👋 Volumes tick a bit lower today to $17.5M overall across the major chains, but EVM remains strong with $9.3M. Polygon maintains second place with $2.3M and Solana is in third with $1.7M in turnover. DraftKings takes the top slot for collections with $1.3M, while BAYC is $1.2M and DeGods $900k after the reveal of Season III. Top sales in the past 24 hours are led by CryptoPunks at nearly $100k, and Bored Apes in the $60-80k range. Milady's floor price recovers back to 4 ETH.

DeGods also announced a new Points Parlor system, akin to's Dream Car campaigns or Metawin's NFT competition - basically a softer form of gambling. Franklin has also announced y00ts is migrating to Ethereum after their attempt at building liquidity on Polygon - they will be returning the $3M incentive from Polygon's incubator. ND4.eth continues to burn more NFTs, now up to 4 BAYC, 3 MAYC, 1 CryptoPunk, and 2502 ETH in total. Lastly, Sandbox's $SAND will unlock 18.1% of the supply on August 14th, which is about $151M in value to stakeholders (brace for impact).

DeGod's new Season III art reveal